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Band Name:  Baião de Dois

Band Members: Jacinto Augusto de Almeida -Acoustic and Eletric Guitars and Computer  

Craft: Home Studio & Computer Musician

Genres: Instrumental Computer Music/

Instinctive Music 

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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Artist Email:

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Label: Home Records

Manager: Jacinto Augusto de Almeida

  Band Bio 

      Baião de Dois is a one-man band from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which sound is made at a home studio using acoustic and eletric guitars, a computer with several audio and music softwares, a guitar/usb interface, a guitar amplifier and a stereo mixer amplifier.

      Jacinto Augusto de Almeida is an amateur musician and a clinical psychologist for almost 30 years,  plays instinctively acoustic guitar since he was 13/14 years old and starts his musical journey playing guitar and composing for school music festivals in the late 60's. 

      Jacinto Augusto said about his music: "I am not a professional musician I just love music since was born and before. Music is in my genes. Music is in my body and my soul and I feel it.This is why I call my sound Instinctive Music and I hope you enjoy it". 






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