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      Music is Natural 

      Music is natural, instinctive and should be present in the lives of human beings in their early days or even inside the mother's womb because of its benefits to health and life itself.

      To guarantee that music is for everyone and it is not owned by an elite like Victor Zuckerkandl said in his book Man the Musician: " music is the concern of all, not of a privileged elite, and if musicality represents an assert, it is not the prerrogative of a chosen few, but an endowment of man as man", music must be taught in mainstream schools since kindergarden even children who will not be professional musicians in adulthood to grow better men and women.  

     Musical composing, performance or even to listen music involves so many importants mental and social processes we have only begun to understand in a scientific manner and most of the knowledge about music of ancient peoples has become lost or forgotten and we have so much to know.

     Musicians, psychologists, neuroscientists and listeners are here together to join, share and explore the wonderfull world of the instrumental music.

Come on...join us. Give your contribution.



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